Things to do in Bath

Our home and favourite city

This is where we tell you exactly what our home and favourite city looks and feels like and suggest some of the top things to do in Bath. Only snag is, it looks and feels like a lot of cities all at the same time: perhaps you can’t please all of the people all of the time, but Bath certainly has a very good go at it.

You probably know it was popular with the Romans (for its spa) and was given its still-lovely look by the Georgians (warm, honey-and-apricot Bath-stone). But much as its crescents, squares and streets are quite delightful, it’s far from a museum piece. Independent shops, excellent *ahem* restaurants, comedy, theatre, galleries, students, nightlife, plenty of local ale and cider pubs, proximity to the Cotswolds and Bristol: we’re only listing its many lovelinesses because to bang on about each at the length they deserve would give you so much to read you’d never get out there and actually enjoy it. 

Everyone has their own thoughts on the ideal vacation or weekend getaway – and Bath certainly has a lot of choices.  The Queensberry Hotel suggests these top places to visit in Bath while you are here.    

… For another great source of great suggestions for things to do in Bath is the Visit Bath website.